Tuesday, April 5, 2011

“Today’s promise for Tomorrow’s Children” - Endowment CAMPaign

“Today’s promise for Tomorrow’s Children”
  Endowment CAMPaign

Imagine what it is like for a child who uses a wheelchair to participate in activities most people would consider to be out of their reach…to be included in activities such as riding horses, swimming, repelling, field sports and overnight  camping just to name a few.  What an incredible transformation is made when children who are normally told “You Can’t” experience firsthand in their own voice, the words, “I Can!”  There are few replacements for building self-esteem than this kind of firsthand experience…and it happens every day at Texas Lions Camp because people like you choose to get involved.

In a visionary move to underwrite these experiences for future generations of children, Texas Lions Camp recently opened an Endowment CAMPaign, now known as “Today’s Promise for Tomorrow’s Children.”  The CAMPaign is designed so that everyone, no matter their income level, can participate in our quest to provide Today…for Tomorrow’s children. 

Beginning in the Spring of 2011, the next phase of the CAMPaign will focus on the invitation to Texas Lions Clubs. TLC will be visiting and personally inviting Texas Lions through their local Lions Club to join in this most important effort of providing for children’s future by making a pledge to the Camp’s Endowment Fund.

It is estimated that there are more than 250,000 children in the State of Texas that have some kind of disability – in addition to this tremendous need, many of the children who will need our services in the future have yet to even be born.  In the face of such tremendous need, now more than ever before, it is vital that TLC position itself to meet the present and future needs of the many children who are depending upon us… today as well as tomorrow.

Focus on Facts
TLC has $4,000,000 dollars in its Endowment Fund and current operational activities equating to $2,300,000 per annum.  In order to ensure future generations of children are provided for, our CAMPaign has been organized to increase the Endowment fund by $25,000,000.  Phase 1 of the CAMPaign has a target goal of $10,000,000 and is well underway. In fact, since beginning our solicitations in January of this year, we have already achieved pledges and cash gifts in excess of $1,340,000, including, our Board of Directors, individuals, foundations and staff of the Texas Lions Camp. 

Gifts made to the Endowment CAMPaign fund will be held in perpetuity and professionally managed so that the earnings and dividends generated from this corpus may be used to provide life changing experiences to more than 1,500 children who have special medical conditions each year. Those gifts made to the Capital Projects of the Endowment CAMPaign will go to improve areas of need on campus and programs for summers to come.

The Invitation
Texas Lions Camp representative will be visiting your Club soon.  Join us and become one that ensures children are afforded the invaluable experiences that Texas Lions Camp can give designed to teach them important life lessons that every child should experience.  There are many ways that you can give to Texas Lions Camp’s “Today’s Promise for Tomorrow’s Children” Endowment CAMPaign, from one-time cash donations to multi-year pledges of cash or other assets.  Your Promise Today is truly an investment into the lives of Children Tomorrow.

For more information on ways to give, pledge forms or for answers to your questions contact Texas Lions Camp at (830)896-8500 and ask for Trish Wilson, Development Director or me. We look forward to our partnership of service together!

Sincerely yours,
Stephen S. Mabry, CFRE, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Texas Lions Camp, Inc.

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