Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our Case for Support


Texas Lions Camp is blessed with many tremendous resources, but among her greatest treasures, are the people that are involved. Few organizations have both the quantity and quality of people involved that TLC enjoys, and this is why we have been able to accomplish what would otherwise have been impossible.

Together, we have been speaking a simple message for over 60 years now…a message that has been spoken and heard by over 60,000 children…a simple message that “YOU CAN” and we are here to help you do it. They have heard it…and many now speak it in their own voice…I CAN!

Our effort to increase the Endowment Fund by $25,000,000 is among the most important and ambitious tasks we have ever undertaken. Not since our founding, has such a monumental task been suggested. As we embark upon this CAMPaign to build the Endowment Fund, I am reminded that we did not arrive where we are as a result of one person’s initiative, but a collective response to a challenge. It is now that same collective response--that is born of each member doing their share--that suggests that our goal can be achieved. Together we can do this…we must do this.

Our Case for Support is simply this…Children should not have to face their challenges in life alone. Our very act of coming together is in fact a declaration to them that they are not alone, and that as a result they can dare to explore their potential, in an environment that is determined to see them succeed.

The magic of Camp is that children often speak our message that “YOU CAN” to each other long before they learn to speak it to themselves. You see this in action at the ropes course when the only reason a child decides to attempt a climb is because a bunkmate says, “come on…you can do it!” or at the horse barn, when a horse seems too scary to climb on top of, until other campers are seen doing it. Think a child would enthusiastically run down in front of 500 people to accept an award if the crowd was stone silent instead of yelling YOU CAN? Think again…they believe it because we believe it.

Thank you for joining this noble effort and being willing to give of your time and talents. It is together and by those that we will invite to join us that we will succeed, and thus pave the way for the success of children who have even yet to be born. Together, we are making TODAY’S PROMISE, FOR TOMORROW’S CHILDREN.

All my best…
Stephen S. Mabry, CFRE, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Texas Lions Camp, Inc.

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