Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frontier Village – What’s New at TLC in 2012

By: Stephen S. Mabry, CFRE, CAE
Chief Executive Officer


With over a decade of planning, fund-raising and round-table discussions, Texas Lions Camp is proud to announce the addition of Frontier Village as one of the many new resources awaiting Children at Texas Lions Camp for the summer of 2012. The new facility is a “themed” campsite that is constructed to remind visitors of the frontier and “old west” style amenities that may have been seen in the area with early settlements (except for ours has a foundation, reinforced steel girders and over 24 ceiling fans).

Over-looking a serene valley, campers will be treated to one-of-a-kind views, out-door cookouts, and sleeping under the stars in an outdoor setting. The new site is situated to the North of the main campus and overlooks the sports lake - portions of which can be seen from inside - since the pavilion’s NW elevation stands open to the view for campers to enjoy.

Many campers come from the inner-cities or for other reasons may have never had the opportunity to camp overnight in nature. The new campsite will provide campers the opportunity to experience nature and overnight camping at its finest while never being more than 500 yards from the infirmary and the Camp proper. The natural path leading to Frontier gently meanders through the woods and is both wide and relatively flat, making the trek accessible to all, regardless of their abilities or appliances used for ambulation.

While the design and concept for the new campsite had been adopted by the Board of Directors some time ago, the price tag was rather steep at an estimated $250,000.00 – that is, until Lions District 2-X2 stepped forward with a $116,000.00 pledge for funding as well as a volunteer contractor in Past District Governor Jimmie Muckleroy. In addition to owning a contracting company, PDG Muckleroy is also director of a volunteer group of contractors and handy-men known as the “Christian Church Disciples of Christ” whose mission leads them to travel abroad, helping organizations erect structures so that the organization can better accomplish their mission…and that certainly has been the result at Texas Lions Camp.

“Volunteer” construction on this scale is outside the norm for Texas Lions Camp, and there were many details and obstacles that had to be addressed in order for the project to proceed. Moreover, both the distance and construction requirements that are unique to building in the rocky, Texas Hill-Country, posed many puzzles to be unraveled by PDG Muckleroy and his crew who are based in deep East Texas; however, by working together, consulting and inviting the participation of a number of Kerrville based contractors and a determination to overcome issues, children visiting Texas Lions Camp from this point forward will benefit as a result of this tremendous effort. My heart-felt appreciation and congratulations go to PDG Jimmie for his tremendous work and sacrifice in seeing this project through to completion. Many thanks also to Mike Dyal, of Kerrville based  Mike Dyal Custom Homes, for his many hours devoted to the project.

It is definitely noteworthy to also let you know a number of Dads and relatives of TLC campers both worked on this project and donated towards making this project a reality both for their children and the children of others. I can’t think of many things stronger than that!

In addition, I can’t express my appreciation and admiration enough for the many fine Lions of District 2-X2. They have a long standing and distinguished record of service to children through Texas Lions Camp, and have once again stepped up in a big way on behalf of the children we serve.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not also mention the tremendous efforts of 2nd Vice-President Leon Van Alstine and DG-elect, Nancy Van Alstine for their tireless efforts in presenting their vision for Frontier Village to the District of 2-X2. The many presentations and long trips they have made to invite the financial support needed for the District to adopt and financially support the project was the impetus and driving force behind our ability to move forward to completion in time for Summer Camp 2012.

I am very excited for our kiddos and can’t wait to see the wonder in their eyes as they enter this new facility that has been constructed just for them.

Happy Camping…

Stephen S. Mabry, CFRE, CAE
Chief Executive Officer


  1. Bryan WaterhouseMay 2, 2012 at 8:45 AM

    Awesome job everyone! I personally thank each and every person that donated their time for the planning and labor in constructing this village and for those that financially donated so this vision could be possible.

  2. that is awesome!! thank you for sharing..

  3. My dad Bob Reese and sister Ali Reese helped build it! Here's a photo